Filmography of Robert Henri Klein 1914 to 1934
1.  Here Is My Heart (1934) with Bing Crosby, Kitty Carlisle and Roland Young  [Actor: Cloche] (uncredited)
2.  The Thirteenth Guest (1932) with Ginger Rogers, Lyle Talbot and J. Farrell MacDonald  [Actor:John Barksdale] (uncredited)
3.  Three Sinners (1928) with Pola Negri, Warner Baxter and Paul Lukas  [Actor: Count Bogumil Sdarschinsky]
4.  The Ancient Mariner (1925) with Clara Bow, Gladys Brockwell and Nigel De Brulier  [Actor: Death]
5.  A Parisian Knight (1925) with Earle Foxe, Florence Gilbert and Frank Beal [Actor: Gaston] (as Bob Klein)
6.  Greater Than a Crown  with Edmund Lowe, Dolores Costello and Margaret Livingston (1925) [Actor: Count Seda]
7.  Folly of Vanity (1924) with Billie Dove, Jack Mulhall and Betty Blythe  [Actor: Neptune (fantasy sequence)] (as Bob Klein)
8.  Dante's Inferno  (1924) with Ralph Lewis, Winifred Landis and William Scott [Actor: A Friend] (uncredited)
9.  The Desert Outlaw (1924) with Buck Jones, Evelyn Brent and DeWitt Jennings  [Actor: Mad McTavish] (as Bob Klein)
10.  The Temple of Venus  (1923) with Will Walling, Mary Philbin and Mickey McBan [Actor: Neptune]
11.  Alias the Night Wind (1923) with William Russell, Maude Wayne and Charles K. French [Actor: Detective] (as Bob Klein)
12.  Goodbye Girls (1923) with William Russell, Carmel Myers and Tom Wilson [Actor: Batista]
13.  Do and Dare (1922) Tom Mix, Dulcie Cooper and Claire Adams [Actor: Yellow Crow] (as Bob Klein)
14.  The Man from Hell's River (1922) with Wallace Beery, Irving Cummings [Actor: Lopente]
15. The Lady from Longacre (1921) with William Russell, Mary Thurman and Mathilde Brundage [Actor: Count de Se]
16.  Live Wires (1921) with Johnnie Walker [Actor: Slade] (as Bob Klein)
17.  The Blushing Bride (1921) with Eileen Percy, Herbert Heyes and Philo McCullough [Actor: Footman]
18.  The Challenge of the Law (1920) with William Russell, Helen Ferguson and Arthur Morrison  [Actor: Proprietor]
19.  Married in Haste (1919) with Albert Ray, Elinor Fair [Actor: Agramonte]
20.  Hearts or Diamonds? (1918) with William Russell, Charlotte Burton and Howard Davies [Actor: Hoskins]
21.  Ann's Finish (1918) with Margarita Fischer, Jack Mower and Adelaide Elliot [Actor: The Weasel]
22.  Southern Pride (1917) with Gail Kane, Cora Drew [Actor: Gasper La Roche]
23.  The Bride's Silence (1917) with Gail Kane, Lew Cody and Henry A. Barrows  [Actor: Bobbins]
24.  Charity Castle (1917) with Mary Miles Minter, Clifford Callis, Allan Forrest and Eugenia Forde  [Actor: Graves]
25.  Souls in Pawn (1917) with Gail Kane, Douglas MacLean  [Actor: Baron Arnold von Pollnitz/The Comte]
26.  Annie-for-Spite (1917) with Mary Miles Minter and Eugenie Forde [Actor: Dr. James Macelroy]
27.  Whose Wife? (1917) with Gail Kane  [Actor: Tom Nelson]
28.  High Play (1917) with William Russell, Francelia Billington [Actor: James Collins]
29.  The Twinkler (1916) with William Russell, Charlotte Burton [Actor]
30.  That Sharp Note (1916) [Actor]
31.  Dulcie's Adventure (1916) with Mary Miles Minter  [Actor]
32.  Soul Mates (1916) with William Russell [Actor: Cooper]
33.  Billy Van Deusen's Operation (1916) [Actor]
34.  Jealousy's First Wife (1916) with Louise Lester and Vivian Rich [Actor]
35.  The Pretender (1916) with Edward Coxen and George Field [Actor]
36.  Billy Van Deusen's Ancestry (1916) [Actor]
37.  Revelations (1916) with Constance Crawley, Arthur Maude and William A. Carroll [Actor: Undetermined role]
38.  A Modern Sphinx (1916) with Eugene Burr, Nan Christy, George Field  [Actor]
39.  Life's Blind Alley (1916) with Harold Lockwood, May Allison  [Actor: Undetermined Role]
40.  Walk This Way (1916) with Jack Gaines, Neva Gerber [Actor]
41.  The Idol (1915) with Forrest Taylor, Helene Rosson [Actor: The Stage Director]
42.  It Was Like This (1915) with Edward Coxen, Winifred Greenwood; Director Henry Otto [Actor]
43.  Senor's Silver Buckle (1915) with Edward Coxen, Winifred Greenwood; Director Henry Otto [Actor]
44.  The Lure of the Mask (1915) with Harold Lockwood, Irving Cummings   [Actor] (unconfirmed)
45.  In the Twilight (1915) with Perry Banks, Charlotte Burton, Vivian Rich, Louise Lester  [Actor]
46.  The Unseen Vengeance (1914) with Charlotte Burton, Vivian Rich  [Actor: Her father]

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