Biography of Robert Henri Klein

Silent film character actor during the period of 1914 through 1934
Appeared in 46 silent films
Played with actors Tom Mix, Ginger Rogers, Clara Bow, Billie Dove,
     Wallace Beery, Pola Negri, Mary Miles Minter and William Russell
Co-starred with leading man William Russell at least 8 times
Popular make-up artist and costume designer
Born in Paris, France on May 16, 1880
Father's name was Henri Klein
Mother's name was Eugenie (last name unknown)
Served in the French Army
Also served in the United States Army during World War I
Never married
Was employed by American Film Company four years, 1914-1918
Worked for Fox Studios
Lived in Santa Barbara for several years at YMCA during early 1900's
Lived at Trinity Hotel, 8th & Grand, Los Angeles, California, 1926
Lived at 736 So. Hill Street, Los Angeles, 14, Ca, 1946
Lived and died at 254 South Vendome St., Los Angeles, CA, 1960
Was a member of the Screen Actor's Guild #9599
Paid $23 for one year of weekly flower service for the
     Grave of William Russell at Forest Lawn Cemetary Park during 1934
Was a member of the American Legion
Died in Los Angeles, California on December 21, 1960
Died at age 80, cause was natural causes, arteriosclerosis
Was cremated and interred at Forest Lawn Park, Glendale, CA

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Tribute to Silent Film Actor
Robert Henri Klein 1880-1960

Bob Klein as Neptune in
"Folly of Vanity", 1924
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